8+ features in one product

All-In-One-Tool for every restaurant table

Developed for tough everyday life in gastronomy – Made in Germany

Digital solution for hospitality

Assistance for service staff

Waiter call system
Table map & overview
LED candle
Reservation function
Theft protection
Tools for management
NFC function
Global API
Technical features

The most intuitive
waiter call system

The basic function of the Ordercube, the waiter call, is easily explained: if guests want to order or pay, they simply tap on SERVICE or PAY. The Ordercube then changes its colour what makes it easy for waitstaff to recognise which guest wants service. At the same time a notification in the Ordercube app appears and informs the service directly on their smart device e.g. smartwatch about the call.


Table plan for
maximum overview

State of the Ordercubes is mirrored at the table plan on the Ordercube app to any number of terminals. This works via Bluetooth beacons located on the bottom of the tables – allowing the Ordercubes to determine on which table they are located. Therefore, Ordercubes may be flexibly placed on any table.
The Ordercube app is available as web app and mobile app, which runs on any mobile devices like tablets, smartphones and smartwatches.


An innovative
candle replacement

The Ordercube does not take away additional space on the restaurant table, but replaces something that is already there: the candle. The candle function is fully customisable: colours, brightness and flicker intensity can be adjusted. In addition, the cube has a brightness sensor that automatically adjusts it to ambient lighting. The Ordercube remains clearly visible even in bright sunlight on the terrace.



Tables can be marked as reserved – they will then be shown accordingly not only in the table plan: even the Ordercube itself is set to grey and cannot be operated until the waitstaff activates the Ordercube directly or the table via the app.


theft protection

The Ordercube features several levels of protection against theft: leaving the network and movement initially triggers a discrete warning for guests and, in case movement continues, an alarm to the staff. Sensitivity of the protection can be fully adapted to the restaurant’s needs.


tools for

The Ordercube is the only product in the world that can measure average wait times, thus implying quality of service. It also generates additional statistics, allowing restaurant managers to optimise staff planning and operations even further.
Furthermore owners and management can be notified by push notifications when the restaurant experiences increased activity. In addition, all table states and statistics can also be accessed on the go.


open external apps

External apps like digital menu, online ordering and contactless payment can be integrated in the Ordercube system. The guest then can open these via NFC technology. just holds his NFC enabled smartphone over the Ordercube and a landing page is shown, where the guest can chose between different options the manager set up before.


with our GLOBAL API

The Ordercube system can easily get implemented into POS systems. This works with our Global API, an interface that allows the external system to receive information like Service/Pay from Ordercube database and show these on the POS device.


Technical features

The Ordercube has been developed for the tough everyday life in the restaurant business and is therefore splash-proof, shock-resistant and has high-quality dirt-repellent stainless steel applications. The inductive charging station is useable both single and in groups of up to 20 stations, so that they can be placed individually and space saving.

The Ordercube system is based on Bluetooth Smart 4.0 technology and establishes a stable, flexible and fast Bluetooth mesh network. Each Ordercube is a repeater in itself, making the range unlimited. Depending on the set-up, a distance of up to 50 metres to the next Ordercube is possible. The number of Ordercubes is not a barrier either.


80x80x80 mm



Running time 45h

Charging time 6h

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